Splodey Vaders


An explosive twist on an arcade classic


Splodey Vaders is an Arcade Shooter where the Vaders splode into flying chunks which you have to avoid. Shoot your way through space and watch as bits of Vader hurl into each other to cause chain reaction splosions.


  • RETRO VISUALS! – A whole FOUR colours!
  • EASY TO CONTROL! – Your ship autofires, so you only have to worry about dodging and aiming
  • FUNKY 8 BIT SOUNDS! – Music and Sound Effects that compliment the game’s graphics
  • KILLER COMBOS! – Blast your enemies and watch as they explode into chunks and watch further as those chunks hurl into other enemies to cause chain reactions.
  • LEVEL UP AND UNLOCK! – Level up as you build up your score. Unlock new colour palettes and ship designs.
  • SAUCEY STATS! – The game monitors stats such as deaths, kills and combos!


App Sore/iOS
PC (coming soon)






“Splodey Vaders is a classic shoot ’em up with a twist. From what started as a riff on Space Invaders, developer Stuart Lilford threw in a smattering of Asteroids and shook things up. It’s got some great aesthetics, with a real Game Boy vibe.” – wordsaboutgames.net



FrontEnd01  Death00  LevelUp



Palette_GB  Unlocks  Palette_VB



Palette_Grey2  Explosions04  Palette_Proc2


I currently teach Game Design to 16-18 year olds as my full time job. One of the Units I teach focuses on getting the students to make a game by themselves. The first lesson usually revolves around making a basic clone of Space Invaders using Game Maker: Studio. Game Maker: Studio is a great 2D engine for budding Game Designers to learn to make games without any prior programming knowledge and Space Invaders is a great introductory game as the mechanics are pretty basic and easy to implement. While delivering this session in early 2016 and the students were away crafting their own Space Invaders clones, I continued to tinker around with the basic game mechanics as the students watched on the projector. One student asked about particle effects and I used this as an opportunity to show them how to create them by demonstrating an enemy exploding into a bunch of chunks. As I tested this, I instinctively tried to dodge out of the way of the exploding chunks (even though there was no functionality to harm the player). The idea popped into my head to make a game mechanic out of this and the basic premise of Splodey Vaders was born. I had to teach this same lesson another 3 times (to different classes) and iterated on the basic premise in each lesson until I imagined the game working on mobile devices, where I reduced the controls to moving left and right. My daughter was around 4 months old at the time I started Splodey Vaders. She was our firstborn and so it was a bit of a crazy year, but I managed to scrape some time together here and there to develop the game. She’s 18 months old as I write this and the game is just about finished. It will be my first mobile game to be released on Android and iOS and I’m really looking forward to see what people think.




By Joshua Mbewe (Laxcity Music)