Entrapment Development Diary #03

Entrapment is an adventure game that I created for the AGS Bake Sale a year or so ago and is not currently available for people to play, as it was exclusively for a pay-what-you want bundle in which the proceeds went to charity. Now the time-frame of exclusivity has lifted and I’m free to release Entrapment to the public, but not before I make a few changes. While I am making these changes ready for the game’s re-release, I thought I’d share some old development diaries I kept from making the original. The following post was from Wednesday 2nd February 2011. It has been updated slightly:

I’ve been getting a little frustrated with myself as of late as I feel I am a little lacking in the art department and when creating the graphics for project: Entrapment I had loads of trouble, but I feel as though this artwork for this bedroom scene has worked quite well and I must say that I am actually pleased with it. The main problem I had at the beginning was the perspective. when using one point perspective and then seeing what the character would look like walking around the room, I noticed that as he moved closer and further away from the screen, he seemed to shrink and grow respectively with regards to the perspective of the room. One way to solve this would be to use character scaling so that they get smaller as they move towards the back of the room. However I didn’t really want to do this as I wanted the character size to be consistent and also AGS’s character scaling feature looks a little… odd.  In the end I used two point perspective, but with the two points close together near the centre of the room.

I also had problems with lighting/shade. As I said earlier I feel as though I don’t have an artist’s eye and so had difficulty getting shadows and light to look right. I still don’t feel as though the lighting looks right in this image, but it will do. Let’s hope now that all of the other graphics go a lot smoother than this first one did.