Entrapment Development Diary #02

Entrapment is an adventure game that I created for the AGS Bake Sale a year or so ago and is not currently available for people to play, as it was exclusively for a pay-what-you want bundle in which the proceeds went to charity. Now the timeframe of exclusivity has lifted and I’m free to release Entrapment to the public, but not before I make a few Changes. While I am making these changes ready for the game’s re-release, I thought I’d share some old development diaries I kept from making the original. The following post was from Sunday 30th January 2011. It has been updated slightly:

Okay, so I’ve begun my Second semester at University and for my Major Project, I have decided to work on my Adventure Game Drama: Entrapment. Last Semester I created the prototype, so now I’m working on the actual game and there’s a lot to do. Organization is a key factor when designing/creating a game and when looking at the Minecraft website I noticed that the creator ‘Notch’ had an online To Do list using the Toodledo website. I decided to sign up and create my own for Entrapment, which I am making public for anyone to view.

My Entrapment To Do List

Hopefully, this will help me keep organized with what needs to be done. Other than this I have been busy at work on the artwork such as the background Images and the animations for the player character. I still have a little work to do on the Backgrounds, but here are some attempts at sprites for the main player character.

I think they are a lot better than the ones that were in the prototype! My main priorities right now are creating the backgrounds and working with the walking animations for the player character, so hopefully I will have an update on these soon.