Entrapment Dev Diary #04

Entrapment is an adventure game that I created for the AGS Bake Sale a year or so ago and is not currently available for people to play, as it was exclusively for a pay-what-you want bundle in which the proceeds went to charity. Now the time-frame of exclusivity has lifted and I’m free to release Entrapment to the public, but not before I make a few changes. While I am making these changes ready for the game’s re-release, I thought I’d share some old development diaries I kept from making the original. The following post was from September 2011. It has been updated slightly:

Adventure X was an expo that was held in the UK on Saturday and Sunday, December 17th 2011. It was a humble gathering of Adventure Game fans, Point and Click lovers and Game Designer and Developers from all over the world (mostly the UK). This marked the debut of the event and since then it has been a yearly thing.

You can find out more about the event by heading on over to the official website:

Adventure X

Entrapment had the privilege of being one of the games that exhibited at the first event. I was also there personally to answer questions about Entrapment, Scared Square Games (which was known as Lightbulb Games back then) and also to have some friendly chats.

Above is a video of highlights from the event. The movie contains the talks by Chris Bateman and Neil Rennison and also a few words from me about Lightbulb Games, Entrapment and the AGS Bake Sale.

There has also been a wonderful write up from Will Ross over at Cubed Gamers about the event. I had the privilege of speaking to Will and he had this to say about his experience playing the Entrapment Demo:

Next, I met Stuart Lilford, director and designer of Lightbulb Games, who had brought along his little gemEntrapment, run on AGS, for me to try out. With “classic low-res goodness” and pointedly sarcastic comments from the main character, this demo game is well worth the time and effort put into its creation. You wake up in a sleazy hotel, with a corpse in the room you don’t remember, and an essay on the window explaining that there have been episodes of sniper elimination of cheating partners who have tried to escape in the past, hence the bars, instead of a simple “it’s locked”. I really enjoyed the selectable environment that had clearly taken much thought, red herrings and multiple options to make the experience unique every time you play. Hmm, I think there was a reason I didn’t first try the door… oh yes, that’s right. Because of the huge BOMB attached to it.

That last comment will only really make sense once you play the game, which you will be able to do soon. Here are some more snippets from the interweb regarding the bake sale:

The AGS Blog – We find out more about the background  and the Development of Entrapment.

Cubed Gamers – Will Ross of Cubed Gamers who attended Adventure X asked me about the future for Lightbulb Games (now known as Scared Square Games).

After the original AGS Bale Sale Bundle was available for a month with 14 great games being available, the AGS Bake Sale managed to raise over an amazing:


Thank you so much to everyone that bought the Bake Sale and we hope that you enjoyed all of the games. Some of the developers of the Bake Sale games took part in commentary of Let’s Play videos. Unfortunately we are unable to create one for Entrapment, but you can check out all of the existing ones right here:

Bake Sale Let’s Plays

That’s it for the old Entrapment Development Diaries. Entrapment will be available to play again from this Wednesday! So keep an eye out for the announcement.