Entrapment Release


Entrapment started out as a project that I created while at University studying Computer Game Design. I eventually turned it into a fully playable short game that I was planning to release for free. At the time, the Adventure Game Studio community created a pay-what-you-want bundle of games to raise money for charity called the AGS Bake Sale. I put Entrapment forward to be a part of it and the bundle ended up raising over $4000, which was pretty neat. A year after the bundle, I was free to release Entrapment as I wished, however I wanted to update it a little here and there before I did so. After a couple of months of working on bug fixes and some gameplay improvements, Entrapment is now available for you to play again:

Head on over to the Entrapment page for download options, or download direct below:

“My name is Sam Drake… and for the past few months, someone has been trying to frame me for murder.”

Sam Drake keeps waking up in Hotel rooms with the bodies of dead girls in the room and the police never far away. He has no memory of what happened to him the night before. He thinks that someone is secretly drugging him and then trying to get him framed for murder. He can’t think of anyone who would want to do this to him. He has had some lucky escapes, but this time, the killer has made it harder for him to get away. He’s determined to see Sam behind bars.

A short Adventure Game created with Adventure Game Studio which features a gripping story with plot twist and a drama thriller theme.

Entrapment was designed and created by Stuart Lilford. Original Soundtrack by Brian Carnrike.

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When showing off early versions of Time Stone, the question of ‘How much are you charging’ would be asked quite frequently. The answer would be ‘nothing, it’s going to be free’, to which people’s response would be that of surprise. Some people seemed confused by the fact that I spent so much time making this thing, only to put it out there for free. Eventually someone asked ‘are you letting people donate?’ The prospect hadn’t really crosses my mind. I had seen other developers giving players the option to donate such as Size Five and Grundislav Games. The more I thought about it, the more I began to think that if a player had played one of my games for free and enjoyed it and they wanted to contribute something for that enjoyment (even a small amount), then who am I to not allow that?


Your donations wouldn’t be spent on trivial things, such as food and having somewhere to live (my day-job takes care of that). Any money received would be used solely for the development of games and the advancement of Scared Square Games. The money would be used on development costs that I wouldn’t be able to afford on my day job alone. We want to look into additional platforms and there are costs involved with that, if we wanted to pay an artist/musician for a commercial project there would be costs involved, updated software costs, plus there’s the old adage that time is money and I’ve spent/will spend a lot of my own time making games.


This depends on how much you think the games are worth and how much you would like to see more games from Scared Square Games. With enough donations, we could expand to new platforms, create better quality art and sound for our games and make Scared Square Games into something really special. What is all that worth? Well that is entirely up to you, but any help would be *GREATLY* appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Stuart Lilford, Scared Square Games

PayPal donations gratefully received: stuart.lilford@scaredsquare.com

Happy Belated New Year!

Happy New Year! Hooray! Wait… What Month is it? The Middle of March? Well, this New Year’s message will be a little on the late side then. The last time we checked in was December, when we promoted the soundtrack for Time Stone, so here’s an update on what’s been going on for the past few months.


I’ve been going through a few big changes, mainly buying a house and starting a new job, which if you’ve done either of them, you will know that they’re both pretty big things and these have taken up most of my time for the past few months. But I’ve always had Scared Square Games ticking over in the back of my mind throughout.


Well, Time Stone has been received exceptionally well. It was featured on indiegames.com and had a lovely write up from Indie Statik. I’ve lost count of the number of Let’s Plays people have created for the game (I stopped counting after three) and the lovely comments in forums around the inter webs have been very humbling. I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone that said something nice or posted something about Time Stone. You’ve really helped it reach as many people as possible and if you were one of those people, then THANK YOU!

Oh and also, WE WON AN AWARD! The annual AGS Awards took place last week and Time Stone took home the award for ‘Best Short Game’. We were thrilled! We were also nominated for ‘Best Puzzles’ and ‘Best Non-Player Character’ (for the Dragon). You can see us winning the award by clicking here. A big thank you to everyone that voted and to the AGS Community.


There’s a few things on the cards. The next thing I want to do is release Entrapment! I’ve been putting it off for too long, so you can expect to see that soon. After that? Well as I say, there are a few things on the table. Maybe a couple of free adventures, maybe a commercial title, maybe something totally non-adventure game related. I know that’s a lot of ‘maybe’s’, but I wouldn’t like to comitt to anything just yet. But what I will do is share a WIP screenshot from a game that I may or may not finish soon:


Leave a comment or Tweet us and let us know what you think! We’ll try and continue with more regular updates too, so be sure to check back when you can!

Time Stone OST Is Now Available For Download

The original Soundtrack for our little adventure game, Time Stone, is now available to download for FREE!

This bundle of Time Stone tunes contains 8 wonderful tracks by Mark Lovegrove

1. Main Menu
2. Professor In Trouble
3. Garglewart Appears
4. Gotta Get My Hands On A…
5. Defeating Garglewart
6. Time Slip
7. Credits
8. A Pocket Full Of Time (Bonus Track)

You can download the full track on Time Stone’s Gamejolt page right here: http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/time-stone/18955/

Or you can download it here or here.


We’ve just given birth to a beautiful baby b… Well I’m not exactly sure what it is. It looks like some sort of weird square-shaped thing. It looks pretty frightened too. I wonder what it’s scared of? Perhaps it has a phobia of ‘not making awesome games’, so we’ll make sure it doesn’t not do that. What shall we call it?


Welcome to the first post for Scared Square Games- A hobby indie game developer that aims to create some cool games that hopefully people will enjoy. I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about the aims of Scared Square Games for the next year, two years, whatever. Being a hobby indie game developer means that free time becomes a rare thing. But these are the goals we aim to achieve (eventually):



Time Stone is a short adventure game created with Adventure Game Studio and we’re looking to release this very soon, for FREE! So stay tuned for that.


Before Time Stone, we were working on another totally different adventure game, so we intend to finish this one and hopefully get both Time Stone and this second game released by the end of the year.


We have a few games that were made under different umbrella names (Lightbulb Games). We’re looking to upgrade and re-release these titles and add them to the Scared Square roster.


Making small adventures is cool and lot’s of fun, but every game designer has a grand masterpiece or 50 that they’ve got stored up in their noggin. After establishing ourselves with a few freebies, we’d like to be working on something that will be that awesome that people won’t feel cheated when we make them pay for it. This will likely also be an adventure game.


Along with the above, we want to look at getting games onto touch devices. Some adventure games, some not, but this goal may be a long way off in the distance.


And that’s it! Our goals for the near-to-far future outlined. Who know’s when we’ll achieve them or if we’ll even achieve them at all! But now it’s down in writing for the world to see, perhaps it will give us that kick in the bum and keep us motivated to create some awesome games. After all, we have a phobia of not doing that.