Twitter Bot


Just a quick update to say that I’ve been wanting to create my own Twitter Bot for a while now, but never had the knowledge on how to make one. Then I discovered Cheap Bots Done Quick which is great tool for making your own automated Twitter Bots. The tool uses basic programming language Tracery.

The Bot I made is Insult Bot. A Twitter account that randomly generates a silly insult aimed directly at you!* Here are some examples:

Having lots of fun with this. Maybe I’ll create more in the future. I like the idea of creating games out of Twitter accounts. A good example is autoflâneur which posts random directions every hour with the goal of getting lost. You start at the top of the feed and work your way down. A really cool idea.

Anyway, follow @InsultBot_ and prepare to chuckle at a humorous taunt

*maybe I should make a compliment bot to balance things out…