Time Stone Announcement

Scared Square Games are proud to announce their first game under the Scared Square umbrella:


Time Stone is a short, indie adventure game made with Adventure Game Studio. With wonderful low-res art, it hopes to help you find the enjoyment you found when playing those awesome classic adventure games of years past (you know the ones).

The Story

In a fantasy realm, Elle, a young Wizard’s apprentice, arrives at the Professor’s house one day for her potions lesson, only to discover that the Professor is in terrible danger and an Evil Warlock is looking for something that holds tremendous power. Will you be able to uncover the Professor’s secret and rescue him from the evil clutches of the Warlock? Only time will tell.

Time Stone is being written and created by Stuart Lilford and is set for release very soon.

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We’ve just given birth to a beautiful baby b… Well I’m not exactly sure what it is. It looks like some sort of weird square-shaped thing. It looks pretty frightened too. I wonder what it’s scared of? Perhaps it has a phobia of ‘not making awesome games’, so we’ll make sure it doesn’t not do that. What shall we call it?


Welcome to the first post for Scared Square Games- A hobby indie game developer that aims to create some cool games that hopefully people will enjoy. I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about the aims of Scared Square Games for the next year, two years, whatever. Being a hobby indie game developer means that free time becomes a rare thing. But these are the goals we aim to achieve (eventually):



Time Stone is a short adventure game created with Adventure Game Studio and we’re looking to release this very soon, for FREE! So stay tuned for that.


Before Time Stone, we were working on another totally different adventure game, so we intend to finish this one and hopefully get both Time Stone and this second game released by the end of the year.


We have a few games that were made under different umbrella names (Lightbulb Games). We’re looking to upgrade and re-release these titles and add them to the Scared Square roster.


Making small adventures is cool and lot’s of fun, but every game designer has a grand masterpiece or 50 that they’ve got stored up in their noggin. After establishing ourselves with a few freebies, we’d like to be working on something that will be that awesome that people won’t feel cheated when we make them pay for it. This will likely also be an adventure game.


Along with the above, we want to look at getting games onto touch devices. Some adventure games, some not, but this goal may be a long way off in the distance.


And that’s it! Our goals for the near-to-far future outlined. Who know’s when we’ll achieve them or if we’ll even achieve them at all! But now it’s down in writing for the world to see, perhaps it will give us that kick in the bum and keep us motivated to create some awesome games. After all, we have a phobia of not doing that.