Over Easter weekend 2015 I took part in a Game Jam called Twiny Jam, where you had to submit a Twine game using less than 300 words. This was my first time using Twine and the first time I successfully finished a game for a Game Jam. Although the end result is pretty basic, I’m happy with it considering the limitations and time constraints.

RPG-ish is a Micro Text RPG which takes inspiration from the Final Fantasy series. Try to be at least Level 5 before fighting The Dark Lord and stock up on plenty of potions.

Or play it over on Game Jolt!


Written & Developed by: Stuart Lilford

Battle Theme Music: Schematist (Newgrounds)

Victory Music: Sephirot24 (Newgrounds)

Main Theme Music: McSwainy (Newgrounds)

End Music: Nathan Cleary1 (Newgrounds)

Main Font: David Fens (DaFont)

Logo Font: Julian Pablo Reyes Altamirano (DaFont)