Hello! Thank you for expressing interest in Scared Square Games!

Scared Square Games are an independent game developer based in Yorkshire, England. Founded in 2013 by Stuart Lilford.

We’ve worked on a bunch of games including Maze Defender, Entrapment and Time Stone as well as others. We used to be known as Lightbulb Games when we made Entrapment for the AGS Bake Sale, but shortly after that Lightbulb Games disbanded and we took a year-long hiatus from development, but now we’re back as Scared Square Games and we’re ready to kick butt and make awesome games.

We’re currently focused on making free short and sweet adventure games, but we’ll soon be looking at bigger projects and maybe even a commercial release.

Why are you called Scared Square Games?

One of the first proper games we made was a game called Maze Defender which was designed and created by Stuart Lilford as a University project. One of the baddies in this game was a blue square that had a frightened expression on it’s face, which was called a Scared Square. We’ve now come full circle and using a name from one of our first games as our umbrella in which to work on new and exiting projects.

Help us spread the word!

As a relatively new endeavor, we need all the help we can get to get our name out there and make sure people know about us. So, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel, climb to the roof of the nearest building and scream about us from the roof tops! Okay, maybe not that last one, but a like, follow or subscription here and there would be very much appreciated.


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