Man I really need to start keeping this more updated….

Scared Square Showcase

I made a video that showcased some of the games I’ve made over the past few years. Take a look-see!

3 New Games!

I uploaded 3 New Games since my last update.

TP Etiquette – a game about trying to learn the CORRECT way to place the toilet paper on the role.

Incoming Transmission – Made for the Global Game Jam back in January, but never got around to uploading. It’s pretty terrible.

This Morning’s Unfortunate Discovery – This morning I made an unfortunate discovery. This interactive text adventure allows you to make that discovery too…

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Unreal Engine 4 Post Processing Practice

I recently started trying to refresh myself with the Unreal Engine. I started messing around with the landscape tool and post-processing effects of the engine, which is something I’m relatively new to. Colours inspired by Fortnite. There’s a little bit of pop-in, but I like the way the light shines through the trees.