Splodey Vaders Update #04: The game is now on Android (in Alpha)

There comes a point in the development of (some) games, where it stops being fun. You get bored of working on the same game over and over again and your brain is subconsciously looking for something to tear you away from working on this project anymore.

You want to just work on the game and get it finished, but your brain is sat in the office in your head eagerly sketching ideas down for a new game. Your brain spends a lot of energy on this and puts together a very convincing PowerPoint presentation of a series of game pitches along with bullet points on “Why you should ditch your current project and work on this game idea instead”. Your brain is very good at this pitching process.

Splodey Vaders recently reached this point in its development. I went to the Trello page for the game and created a new column which I labelled “Not Gonna Happen :(” and in it I began to transfer all of the things that weren’t absolutely vital to the game being finished. This included addition enemy types, power ups, unlockables. The only thing left in the MUST column is making sure that ads are showing up for all users, making sure the player can pay to unlock ads and to improve the Android store page (the game now has an android store age by the way). The aim was to get the game finished as soon as possible.

Then one night my baby daughter did a poop in the bath. The next couple of days afterwards I finally gave in to my brain and worked on something new. This became Super Diarrhoea Baby, which you can play in browser. SDB is a little one click collect against the time limit game. It was fun to make and has shut my annoying brain up for the time being. Now I can focus properly on Splodey Vaders and get the game DONE!

What’s happened since the last update?

Reading through the last blog update under the ‘What’s next?’ heading is a very sobering experience for me.

  • Produce new art assets – this didn’t happen and probably isn’t going to happen.
  • Adding longevity by including unlocks – this hasn’t happened either, but still might happen.
  • The current focus is on the PC version – Nope! Mobile version is now the priority

But it’s not all bad! I made a store page on Google for the Android version of Splodey Vaders and released a build of it there (currently in Alpha), so you can play the game right now if you want to. The build is pretty stable and I’ve had some great responses from people playing the game. Most things work like they should including IAPs which I’ve even sold a couple of! The game has some new music by an ex-student of mine Joshua Mbewe (@laxcitymusic) which sounds awesome, I fixed a bug where the player would disappear from the screen occasionally. Advertisements are functional and I finally decided on what to do when the player lets a Vader go past them on the screen (this alone probably deserves its own blog post which I may do sometime in the future). All in all the game is coming along okay and there are a couple of exciting things on the horizon for 2017. Here’s a video of the game’s main music track by Josh.

What is next for Splodey Vaders?

There’s a few minor bugs to fix that were found during testing and I need to fine-tune a couple of graphical elements, then the game will be pretty much done! I have a few stretch goals which include the following:

  • Animated Enemy Sprites
  • Transitions
  • Google Play – Achievements/Leaderboards functionality
  • Unlocks for added longevity (this one is pushing it)

As always you can check the Splodey Vaders trello page to see what’s currently going on and how the project has evolved from the start. I also need to update the Play Store page with better game images and video.

Hoping the get the game to a release version early 2017. It will be coming to Android and possibly the Apple App Store. After that I’ll be looking to port Super Diarrhoea Baby to Android and iOS too! I made the super smart decision to post this update on New Years Eve, so if you’re reading this – thank you! And don’t be a stranger, say Hi, download the Alpha build and let me know what you think! I’m @Stuart_Lilford on Twitter.