Time Stone OST Is Now Available For Download

The original Soundtrack for our little adventure game, Time Stone, is now available to download for FREE!

This bundle of Time Stone tunes contains 8 wonderful tracks by Mark Lovegrove

1. Main Menu
2. Professor In Trouble
3. Garglewart Appears
4. Gotta Get My Hands On A…
5. Defeating Garglewart
6. Time Slip
7. Credits
8. A Pocket Full Of Time (Bonus Track)

You can download the full track on Time Stone’s Gamejolt page right here: http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/time-stone/18955/

Or you can download it here or here.

Time Stone Release

After months of programming, creating artwork, writing, finding musicians, game design and late nights, what was once meant to be a month-long game competition entry turned into something that took 4 Months to finish. After tirelessly using up evenings and weekends to work on it, Time Stone is now available to download and play for FREE!

Time Stone

Head on over the Time Stone page for download options or click here to download direct (Windows only).

Time Stone is a short adventure game made with Adventure Game Studio. With wonderful low-res art, it hopes to help you find the enjoyment you found when playing those awesome classic adventure games of years past, such as Day of The Tentacle and Simon the Sorcerer.

Time Stone was designed and created by Stuart Lilford

Original Soundtrack by Mark Lovegrove